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Digital Inclusion: Necessary or Preference?

Digital Inclusion: Necessary or Preference?

The use of technology is increasing day by day, we all depend on technology and we use multifarious technologies to complete successfully specific tasks in our lives. It does not matter who you are, what you are doing, how you are doing… Different age range people have different ties with technology but everybody have a tie with connected world. So this relation, is that necessary or preference? This is question.

Technology and digital media can be great help to reach out and touch the other people. In this way you can spread your message or trouble a very huge platform. As said Julien Maldonate “Social media removes all distances: geographic, social, hierarchical. You can reach anyone, at any time, and communicate in real time. Thus, a permanent link of communication has been created.” [1] Serebrenica Genocide times (check out more: click)  Bosnian people didn’t have social media for the rising voice but now Syrian people using twitter for showing Aleppo massacre to all of the world. To be honest the results did not changed. At least we could hear this voice. (Voice from Aleppo link)

Devices offer to you the world, with bad things and good things. Technology has countless hats. One of them  is very functioning tool for education. For example in Turkey: ‘’FATİH Project’’ developed by Ministry of Education. Project long form name is ‘’Increase Opportunities and Enhance to Technology Movement’’. FATIH Project in Education was launched with the purpose of providing equal opportunities in education and improving the technology in schools in a way that informatics technology tools to engage more senses in the educational process. First step is offering  free tablet computer for every student. When project completed, information society will be able to found. At the same time, using technology will be a tool for education. Indeed it means that differences between village schools and city schools hoped disappear after Fatih Project. Then we can say new generation will become  much more ties with the information.

Let’s move to one of the bad things which is offered by technology. In fact there are many things. But I just want to
underline that technology is one tool for the terrorist organization like ISIS, PKK etc. For instance ISIS is the biggest terrorist organization as a great user the technology.

At its core, ISIS has taken advantage of what people in Silicon Valley call the network effect.’’[2] ISIS has thousand of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts. This means that ISIS is working everywhere people are. ISIS collecting our datas, documents and what we did. Moreover, one of the biggest film studios in the world is controlled by ISIS for promoting their horrific jobs.

Without doubt, technology affects our lifes directly. Neither without it nor completely with it. When measured and used correctly, it can become one of the most effective tools in our lives. There is one thing I know very well, tomorrow we will use technology much more than yesterday.

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[1] Is Technology Making Our Lives Easier… Or Just Adding More Stress? By Julia Bellak link

[2] How ISIS became the world’s deadliest tech start-up, By Nick Bilton link



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