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 I was born in Bartın, graduated Istanbul Sâmiha Ayverdi Anatolian High School. I was interested in charcoal and traditional ebru arts for a while. I was attended in many club activities in high school and took part in social responsibility projects. I joined Model United Nations conferences, I took various duties in the organization. I have been in the Netherlands for a while with the exchange program that my school has organized with Hageveld College. Written in various magazines. I underlined the participation of young people in the process. I joined the youth panes and made presentations & talks.

I participated in seminars/workshops of many think tanks based in Turkey. I keep following the events with interest. I interned at the program of the People’s Republic of China Academy organized jointly by the Turkish International Relations Studies Association (TUİÇ) and the Turkish-Chinese Cultural Center. I had the opportunity to travel to 23 different countries for international projects, training, conferences, and trips.

I joined the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly as the 5th member. I worked to support the civil society activities against addictions by working at Genç Yeşilay’s Research and Development Commission. I have been worked as project director at Young Diplomat Academy which is organized by the Turkey Youth Foundation HQ Foreign Affairs Unit.  I am still doing volunteer work in various non-governmental organizations and carrying out projects.

I graduated from the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul University. I continue my postgraduate studies at the European and East Asian Governance program at Universität Trier.

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Some speeches and published articles:

Sâmiha Ayverdi Eserleri Ödül Töreni 2013 – İstanbul

Madde Bağımlılığı ve Gençlik – Sosyal Bilimler Ens. 2014 – İstanbul

Kayda Değer ”Gençlik için Özgüven Devrimi” Bilgi Üniversitesi 2015 – İstanbul    Youtube

City of “Peace of Westphalia” – European Youth4Media Network e.V. 2017 – Münster 

Selected Photo “What is the meaning of freeze? for Youth4Media