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About Me

Berat Oguz is a highly motivated and accomplished professional with a strong background in international relations and economics. He holds an MA degree from the University of Trier (Germany), where he developed a solid foundation in global economic governance, diplomacy, and grand strategy, specializing in the Chinese BRI and producing insightful pieces on contemporary China.

During his master’s studies, he was accepted by the prestigious University of Greater Region program, further enhancing his expertise. Additionally, he undertook specialized modules on portfolio management at the University of Liege (Belgium) and acquired expertise in hedge fund strategies and finance at the University of Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).

Recently, he conducted a comprehensive analysis titled “Grand Strategy: Low Politics Meets High Politics,” examining the telecommunications giant Huawei and the power clash of big powers in relation to 5G technology. With his strategic thinking, excellent problem-solving skills, and meticulous attention to detail, he effectively manages complex tasks and consistently delivers.

Berat Oguz is passionate about ESG issues, AI, and grand strategy. He remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in these fields, driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions. Currently, he works as an ESG research associate at one of the largest asset management companies in Europe.

Areas of interest: ESG portfolios, investment management, asset management, infrastructure and strategic projects, Belt and Road Initiative, AI, sustainability

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