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Sticking Together: Why Social Cohesion is a Big Deal Right Now!

Social cohesion plays a crucial role in the analysis of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) frameworks. In today’s landscape, investors, local and national governments, and civil society stakeholders are giving considerable attention to issues related to the social component. To ensure the establishment of sustainable, inclusive, […]

How to Ensure Social Cohesion?

As a member of a privileged group of professionals selected by the American Council on Germany for the Social Cohesion program on either side of the Atlantic, I have experienced an enlightening and fruitful week. I would like to share some of the main key takeaways from the first step of the program, which took […]

Has China Won?

Has China Won? Asks Kishore Mahbubani in his book and presents numerous approaches to answer this question and the related debates. At the very first sentences of this review, I must admit that I haven’t evaluated before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and China in a way that Mahbubani does in his book. For instance, […]

What I learned from Bill Gates?

Main takeaways: Our laws and regulations are outdated, those should be updated. We have a goal to get to zero. The goals should be paired with specific plans. We should build a climate consensus and raise awareness. To tackle climate disaster, we need to invest more in R&D, science, and engineering. Bill Gates suggests making […]

Belt and Road Initiative and Europe

Introduction From the 15th century to modern times, the destiny of countries and peoples in Africa, Asia and the Americas was formed by the developments and decisions made in Europe, later on the United States of America (Rachman 2016). However, the Western hegemony in global affairs now is teetering. Whereas the Western power is declining, […]

Statelessness in Latvia

Latvia is a quite colorful and interesting country, it has a unique appearance and a rich culture. Latvia became independent in 1991 after long-term Soviet Union rule. Following the centuries of Swedish, Polish and Russian rule, the territory of Latvia was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II which resulted in the loss of […]

U.S. – Taiwan Relations

United States of America – Taiwan (official name: Republic of China) relations have been unofficial since 1979. U.S. changed its diplomatic recognition of China from Taipei (ROC) to Beijing (PRC). The decision was taken by Carter Administration, with three communiqués that the U.S. acknowledges PRC as the ‘’sole legal government of China’’ and Taiwan is […]

City of “Peace of Westphalia”

Historical Backround The Thirty Years’ War was a series of wars in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648. Although it seems to be mainly based on religion (Protestant and Catholic conflict) indeed it has started the birth process of the national state. In this war the religion used by certain power of Europe as an […]