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International Events and Sport Diplomacy

International Events and Sport Diplomacy


In the modern times, many people stand up for sport clubs. They fill stadiums for showing their support for clubs, make purchases some clothes such as t-shirts with team’s logo and make donations. People see sport clubs as a part of their identities hence they want to show their supports by wearing team t-shirts and making a donation for team’s funds. Some of sport clubs which succeed in national leagues become a representative of nation in the globe at UEFA Champions League or FIFA World Cup.

Sports events especially football competitions, for instance World Cup, massive number of people watch these match with enthusiasm. Societies see this kind of events as a kind of examination for own nations moreover their states. If they are defeated in their opponent on the pitch, nearly all of them tend to praise their own state and nation. If they are defeated by opponent, blood pressure becomes high, criticism starts. The critics start from coach, last toward president however won’t end ever. There are really strong links between national states, identities and international competitions. Raising national flags in the Olympic Games is a strong evidence for this argument.

Adolf Hitler saw Berlin Olympics in 1936 as an opportunity for showing Nazi regimes powers across the world. Chancellor ordered to film on German’s performances all over the Olympics in order to using this film as a propaganda material. In this Olympics, German national team excelled, got 89 medals. The nearest opponent was the United States of America, just won 56 medals thus Chancellor’s state showed their power to everybody. Olympics and the other international competitions contribute to countries’ reputation all around the globe.

Sports diplomacy uses the universal passion for sports as a way to overcome linguistic and sociocultural differences and bring people together. Further, it can be used as a diplomatic tool for enhance relations between two nations. When it comes to peaceful world based on mutual understanding these events led to effective return. In 2008, there was a football game at capital of the Armenia’s Yerevan.  Turkey and Armenia are offended neighbors because of historical disputes. Abdullah Gül, 11th President of the Turkey has been invited by his Armenian counterpart’s Serj Sarkisyan for watch football match between both countries in Yerevan. They watched match together hence leaders shared positive messages in front of the media.

To sum up, international events can lead to increased mutual understanding and dialogue. Nevertheless, we need more tools to improve international, intercultural understanding. Trade, education, tourism have great potential for better relations and peaceful world.


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